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Let’s face it! Homeschooling an exceptional child is not always the most enjoyable time of the day. As schedules become more hectic, homeschool can become boring or repetitive. Or, homeschool becomes a set of apps where the child has more screen time than free time. At AESA, we believe that school does not have to be boring to be easy. Lessons don’t have to be expensive to have a HUGE impact on learning. As home educators ourselves, we understand that what works for one may not work for another and that homeschool is often trial and error with what will work best. 

Our board has hand-selected this group of talented individuals and groups to give you practical tips and tricks you can use TODAY to put fun and enjoyment back ionto your homeschool routine. 

Workshop presenters are teachers who have first-hand experience using the product they are demonstrating. They are either the creator, or a registered distributor licensed to demonstrate the product or service. 

Speakers are considered experts in their chosen field and offer easy-to-follow directions to give homeschool teachers practical experience they can leave with and use tomorrow.

We hope you’ll join us for this two-day learning quest. We don’t want your homeschool day to be dreary and boring. We want to bring joy and excitement back into your homeschooling schedule. It may be hotter in Phoenix, but that just makes it “funner in the summer.”


Workshop Schedule - COMING SOON!

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Workshop Descriptions

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Workshop Descriptions


  • Keynote sessions
  • Featured speaker workshops
  • Exhibitor workshops

Workshop descriptions are published chronologically Friday and Saturday in order by room.

Make & Take Hands-On Workshops

Make & Take Hands-On Workshop Series

Parents learn by doing, too! This year, we’ve added a whole new set of engaging, practical, and fun make-and-take workshop offerings this year. Moms and dads, you’ll enjoy the experience and leave inspired with new ideas for teaching your kids at home. 

These are ticketed add-on sessions requiring registration and each has a small supply fee. They take place in a workshop room set classroom style with tables and chairs. All other workshops at the AESA Convention are open seating and do not require a sign-up. You’ll be able to add any of the make-and-take sessions to your Convention registration. 

Please note, space is limited and these sessions are geared for parents and grandparents. If you bring your kids with you to Convention, we encourage you to make arrangements for them during the hour you’ll be attending a make-and-take workshop. Teens are welcome to participate if space permits. On Friday, the Make-It & Take-It will be upstairs above the exhibit hall. NOTICE: The classroom is not wheelchair accessible; however, we will offer the same Make-It & Take It workshops on Saturday in an accessible room 

If these classes do not sell out during pre-registration, tickets may be purchased on-site at the Registration counter. 

Get to Know the Speakers

Linda Crosby

Author / Speaker / Homeschool Mom

LINDA CROSBY is gifted at transforming the daily God-moments from her life into unforgettable, hilarious, practical lessons to which people can relate. She has a heart for the Lord and a desire to encourage other mothers to laugh and learn in the center of the chaos and joy children create. There is never a dull moment when Linda is encouraging others! Two of Linda’s books are published: Laughing in the Midst of Mothering and Laughing in the Midst of Marriage. She has also been a contributing author for Konos curriculum and has written historical biographies for Bramley Books, a division of Knowledge Quest. Linda and her husband Rick have been homeschooling their four children since 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Opening Keynote Speaker

Michelle L. Harris

CEO & Advocate: AESA

Michelle began advocating shortly after her quadruplets were born and, against all authority, realized they had special needs. She began to research medicaljournal articles and learned everything she could about her children’s various conditions. When they became school-aged, she shifted her focus to educational advocacy, and, once again against all odds, she took early intervention to due process and won. Since then, she has been training parents to be advocates for their own children. She began Arizona Exceptional Students Association in July of 2018. AESA received its 501c3 staus on Christmas Eve of 2018. She realized the need in other areas beyond Arizona and changed the name to American Exceptional Students Association in June of 2019.

 Closing Keynote Speaker

We are adding speakers and Workshop leaders every week. Check back often to see all the wonderful opportunities you will have to meet with vendors and sponsors in the coming weeks. We are so excited to see you on June 12-13, 2020.

Speaker Inquiries

Speaking at the AESA Convention is by invitation only. Speakers at the AESA Convention are carefully selected who fit AESA’s philosophy, vision, and mission, and do not conflict with the AESA Board of Directors’ educational philosophy. As part of the speaker selection process, we will review speaker packets that are sent to us.

Speaker packets are reviewed in January for the year’s convention and selections are finalized by February. If we are interested in having you speak, we would contact you by February 14th

Speaker packets should include biographical information, workshop titles and descriptions, and a recording or two of the speaker teaching for our review.

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2925 N. 52nd Dr.

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email: convention@aesa.group

Because of the high volume of speaker inquiries we receive, we are only able to follow up with those we are inviting to speak

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